Missions & Community Engagement

Growing in Love

Social justice, and a commitment to help especially the unfortunate and the forgotten, is at the core of the United Methodist tradition. At Sumner UMC, we actively seek ways to love those who God has placed in our community and in our world so that we could love them. We hope you will prayerfully consider joining these efforts, or adding some of your own.

The Missions & Community Engagement Team is the coordinating body for Sumner United Methodist’s outreach projects and programs. Its purpose is to enable and support the various groups involved in sharing God’s love through Sumner United Methodist Church. Meetings are held as needed and are open to all.

Backpacks for Kids

Many kids in our community depend on school lunches as an important part of their nutrition. During weekends, holidays, and school breaks, some children simply don’t have enough to eat.

The Backpacks for Kids program is a joint project of the Sumner Food Bank, schools in the Sumner Bonney Lake School District, and Sumner United Methodist Church. The backpacks are filled with food to help tide these children over until the next school day. You can help keep our children fed by keeping the Ark in the hall downstairs filled with backpack-friendly items. Currently needed are:

  • cup of noodles
  • boxed mac & cheese
  • cereal or granola bars
  • fruit or jello cups
  • snack and trail mixes
  • milk (white or chocolate) – not refrigerated
  • raisins (single-serving size)
  • juice boxes (individual)
  • sunflower or pumpkin seeds
  • cheese-filled crackers (no peanut butter)
  • instant oatmeal (single-serving packets)
  • instant cocoa (single-serving packets)

Prairie Ridge Community Dinners

On the third Wednesday of each month, we provide an evening meal for residents of Prairie Ridge.  This service is provided by friends and two other churches three Wednesdays per month.  We have been providing over 100 free meals each Wednesday. Families have an opportunity to meet neighbors in community.  We can always find something for volunteers to do, whether it be cooking part of the main meal at home, serving the meal, welcoming neighbors, or cleaning up.  Anyone interested is welcome to join the team.  Grateful to partner with Prairie Ridge Community Coalition.

Prayer Shawls

Prayer shawls are hand-crafted with love as a visible sign to those we wrap in love and prayer. Recipients of the shawls include those who have lost loved ones, are fighting a major health issue, or are experiencing other heartaches or crisis. If you would like to participate, please contact the church office Tuesday through Thursday between 9 and noon. You can leave a message at any time.

Mother to Many

Mother to Many is not a program of Sumner UMC, but we support their efforts to serve unhoused youth of our community through donations of clothes, food, toiletries, and cash. See the barrel near the ark downstairs, or donate during the worship service (mark the donation clearly).

Sandwich Sunday – The first Sunday of every month at 11:00am, we make 120 PB&J sandwiches for Mother2Many. Donations of peanut butter, jelly, and sandwich-sized ziploc bags are always welcome. Much appreciated are helping hands to make the sandwiches!